Teaching and Learning and Weaving Together

It’s our third day of teaching and the 10th day of our adventure. Today was the day I probably smiled the most so I’m glad I get to write about it. Overall school went really well for the whole group. We are obviously still trying to figure things out but by now most of our students have warmed up to us and are excited for school! I am in the P4 classroom with my 17 wiggly students and we are learning about story elements. Today was particularly exciting because we wrote our own mini- stories and labeled our characters and setting!  We also went on a monkey hunt since I have still not seen one and they are apparently everywhere.  I saw nothing but my students promised that there was one in the tree. After school, we painted the playground and with the help of P6, it went quickly and they made it a lot more fun.

Later in the evening, ladies from the village came over to teach us how to make baskets and weave mats. It was amazing to see how quickly the women could weave and by the end of the lesson, I think I was getting pretty good at it.

Then we had homemade pizza for dinner!! Personally, I couldn’t have thought of a better way to end the day. While we miss our people at home, we are having too much fun and are nowhere near ready to come home. Hey mom!! Ashley

PS – Happy Birthday Katherine from AB

Side note: I have tried independent reading in my class the past couple days and today we finally got it! It was so exciting to see all my students sitting and reading their own book of choice. Toward the end they even started sharing their books and reading with their friends! Great things are happening here!


One thought on “Teaching and Learning and Weaving Together

  1. How wonderful it was to read your post Ashley!!! It makes me so proud to see you and your fellow BSC students caring and sharing with all of your news friends in Uganda!!! Enjoy every moment there – even the hard ones – it is an experience that will last a lifetime! I love you bunches!!! ❤️ Mom


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