Hello all the way from Africa!!

We had a very fun and relaxing weekend at the Safari Lodge seeing all types of animals such as: rhinos, elephants, giraffes, crocodiles, hippos and even lions! Although we had such a great time there, it’s safe to say we were all happy to be back in the village and see all our kids again! 

A smile overwhelmed my face as the children waited for us on the road to walk to school together. I missed them and their joyful spirits! After a short walk we were at school and I couldn’t have been happier! In P1 we like to start our days off with some individual silent reading time, but today I thought it might be nice to all read together one of their favorites, The Little Engine That Could. After that, they couldn’t get enough so we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which most have memorized since we frequent it often! They really enjoy group reading and it bring much joy to my heart to see them so excited about literacy! We then went on a caterpillar hunt around the school, but was sadly unsuccessful. Then it was time to read Brown Bear Brown Bear, another P1 favorite! We ready this book as an introduction to their unit about the school. We then went on a field trip around the school mimicking the book by asking what each student saw and responding “student student what do you see?” “I see ___ looking at me!” We then went back to the classroom and each student drew their observation and with guidance wrote a sentence about it! We could tell our students were getting a little wiggly so we took a fun brain break and sang some songs! After the break we had a lesson on phonics. We’ve already covered two phonics sounds, “a” and “t” and today was “s”. There were many proud moments for a teacher during this lesson as they remembered all we’d covered in the past and we introduced blending of sounds to start teaching them to read and they caught on very easily! Then the day was quickly over and we sad our goodbye songs and we’re on our merry way! 

-Ann Bennett


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