Today in P2, we made books based upon the book, “I Like Myself.” We have been reading this book with our students for the two weeks that we have been teaching; so, today they made their own “I Like Myself” books with themselves as the authors. On the inside of their books, they listed different parts of their bodies that they like, i.e. “I like nose, ear, finger…” There is nothing more encouraging than seeing a group of second graders be proud of the individual who they are. 

This was good preparation for an afternoon of activities planting and painting. Today was also the first time it has rained since November. We, as a team of student teachers, along with P7, planted plants around a sitting area for the kids. One of my favorite things we did this afternoon was paint our names on the plaques that line the buildings. The new student teachers were able to join the names of the returning student teachers as a way to always remember the culture, children, teachers, and the experiences that forever changed our lives. 

Overall, this experience has been extremely eye opening for me and the rest of the team. The people of this village are extremely welcoming, giving, happy, and humble. The children of Buiga Sunrise are forever memorable from their laughs to their smiles to the walks to and from school with them grasping our hands. I have learned so much from them and hope they have learned as much from us. Mara and I were lucky enough to have a small class where we learned the strengths and weaknesses of each student and were able to watch each improve throughout the two weeks. 

The most memorable part of this trip were the home visits. We had our third home visit today with the first two being scholarship students and the third being a student of our choice. It is an up close and personal experience with the lives of some of our students for which you cannot be emotionally prepared. 

Tomorrow is our last day at school, and it will be bittersweet. 



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