Last Day at Buiga Sunrise School

Tears. All kinds of tears. Today was our last day of classes and our last day with our kids. After a couple of hours of teaching, we had a dance party. All of the classes and teachers were out in the middle of the school dancing. We all danced to some of the popular songs in Uganda, and we also got to share some of our songs too. From us, we played Cha Cha Slide, Uptown Funk, Whip and Nae-Nae, and many others. We also all got to enjoy some popcorn while we danced. After the dancing was over, it was time to say bye to all of the kids and teachers we had gotten to know over the past couple of weeks. Some of them cried, some of them laughed at as while we cried, and some helped wipe our tears. To me, I know it is super hard leaving this community because of the kids. These are the kids that we have gotten to know, the ones that we have been teaching, the ones that have been teaching us, the ones we have been walking to and from the school with, and the ones that we play with in the afternoons. We have invested ourselves into their lives and now it is sad knowing that we won’t be seeing them continue their successes in the classroom and that we won’t be there for them whenever something bad happens. It is going to be hard knowing that we won’t see their bright smiling faces running down the hill to school just to be the first ones to give us hugs. All we can do is hope that we have reached at least one child to be the best person that they can be in and out of the classroom.

As we start our journey back home tomorrow, we ask for your prayers for safety. We couldn’t have asked for s better trip and we were so glad to have had the opportunity to share our experiences with you all back home through pictures and through this blog. See you all when we get back to America!!
-Natalie Daniel


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