Day Two at Buiga Sunrise School

What a first two days at school. 

We’ve all worked hard in the weeks and days leading to this point, and we’ve seen some of that pay off. Of course, we always have work to do, lessons to plan, and things to think about. Even something that might seem simple, like re-evaluating how we talk so we are easier to understand, is quite difficult to do in the moment, when your brain is moving 100 miles a second (I wanted to put that in kilometers so it would be regionally relevant but I forgot the conversion). Either way, I, and I think we, all love it here. The people, the landscape, the school, the kids. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve sweated more than I thought you could but we’ve loved every second of it, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of these two weeks has for us. 



Day One at Buiga Sunrise School 

First day of school!!! Our whole team was feeling anxious this morning as we thought about what the day would hold. When we arrived at the school many of us found that there were fewer students than we expected, but we improvised. Some of us even brought our classes together. Throughout the day more students arrived, and we were grew to know them and our co-teachers more and more. 
I think today was a day of realization for most of us. First days are always hard for students, and today proved it may just be the same for teachers. Things didn’t go as planned for any of us and each lesson we taught didn’t go perfectly, but we had fun with our students and we were able to connect with each other as a team through these struggles. 

Days like today remind me that rough days make good days better and bumpy lessons make the moment a student “gets it” even more special. Even though our first day was nerve-wrecking, frustrating, and stressful, it was also exciting, fun, and full of love and passion. 


Getting Acclimated

(More photos to come)

Apologies for the delay in posts. Our internet service is not the most reliable here at The Bushbaby Retreat. 

Before leaving Kampala on Friday, we exchanged money and honed our bargaining skills at the craft market. After a lovely lunch at Cafe Java that included some adventurous eats, we made our way to The Bushbaby Retreat.  

On Saturday, we bravely boarded boda-bodas (motorcycle taxis) with some friendly local drivers for a 5 hour tour of the Banda Village. Our first stop was at a shrine where we learned how families communicate with their ancestors through prayer, meditation, dance, and song. 

Then, we were welcomed into the home of Jaja (the Lugandan term for a female elder) with a traditional greeting of coffee beans and water, followed by a traditional meal. 

We ended our boda-boda tour at a beautiful overlook, covered in “Ugandan powder,” aka lots of dirt. 

Sunday was a day of learning. We took at forest walk to learn about the local flora and fauna. Then, after lunch, the interns were able to meet and plan with their cooperating teachers the Buiga Sunrise School. 

Off and Away… For Real, This Time

Yesterday was a fun day of waiting in Atlanta. Our adventures included TopGolf, Majestic Diner, and some quality lesson planning time. 

We’ve finally made it to Boston, and should be boarding our plane to Amsterdam any minute now. Unless there’s another mid-air Delta surprise, we should be in Uganda around 10:30pm tomorrow night. 

Thank you all for your kind words, prayers, and positive vibes over the past few days!

Unexpected Adventures 

As Kristin says, “No matter where you are, you’re always somewhere”…

Currently and until Wednesday, our somewhere is Atlanta – courtesy of a mid-air flight cancelation. 

We’ve shared lots of giggles since the literal turn of our fate at 30,000 feet. Today, we rented a cozy, white 12 passenger van, bought some warm clothes at Old Navy (though Ashley is still rocking those capris), and after all of the hype at the Golden Globes, we had to watch the lovely and tragic romance that is La La Land. Tonight we’ll be watching THE game, and we’ll spend tomorrow repacking, planning, and reflecting on our upcoming journey. 

Our new flight will depart from Atlanta on Wednesday and arrive in Entebbe on Thursday night. Thanks to the strategic planning of our fearless leader, we’ve also been able to reschedule all of the activities, most notably the safari, for the second weekend of our trip. 

We’re all in good spirits, but send us some good vibes for our slightly altered itinerary. 

Until Uganda (hopefully),

-BSC Service Learning in Uganda Crew